Slow TREO 650

Recent frustrations with the ">slow Treo 650 have led me to start looking for others with the same problem. There don't seem to be many. The biggest problem seems to be in switching from anything to the phone application. With the Sprint Treo 650 it can take 5-30 seconds to switch from a Palm application to the phone. So far the experimenting has been minimal with only removing the extra 1GB SD card (no difference) and having done the upgrade a couple of months ago.

Update: It looks like there is another update to the operating system for the Treo 650. So far this is one of the very annoying parts of convergence. I'll now spend another hour or so downloading, backing up and installing software so my cell phone will work. Not the most productive use of my time.



More on the Treo650

Well after a few hours of wrangling I did the Treo update last night. The big news is that as advertised it added dial-up networking so the phone can now be a bluetooth modem (which I haven't te

so did the update fix your

so did the update fix your slowness problem? I having major slowness issues with my 650 now

Pretty much

Yes. Pretty much. There are still occasions where I notice it but it is worlds better than it was before.