The great thing about publishing rumors is that if I publish them they rarely come true. CNN and a few other outlets picked up the story late Friday afternoon. Friday morning I skipped my normal podcast listening on the way to work in favor of hearing NPR's coverage of Renquhist's retirement. It was not to be. Even their story on O'Conner didn't mention the rumor floating around.

This weekend was spent on much more satisfying projects. Things like assembling a pile of old concrete blocks into a garbage shelter. I've driven home for the last time to see the trash cans blowing about. They're nicely contained. This afternoon bought real progress like completing the cross braces for the fence which we should be able to install next weekend and replacing the world's worst lawn sprinkler installation. It's another project that will usurp hours of daylight next weekend as well. For some reason the nearly-square rectangle of lawn in the house was the victim of installers who didn't completely grasp geometry. On one edge three sprinklers provide nice coverage of the lawn. On the other side, where there is more sun, there are only two sprinklers and a perpetual brownish thin spot. It doesn't help matters that fluid dynamics plays a role as well. The two lone sprinklers trying to do the work of three were installed on an extra 50-foot run of 1/2-inch line instead of directly on the 3/4-inch feed line.

In other ranch news it seems the owners of the vicious dogs next door (the ones that attack our horses) will be getting new neighbors. These neighbors will be raising goats. Likely they will also need to study Nevada's law about dogs harassing livestock.

The balance of the weekend has been watching the Tour De France and working on the ABA self study.