As you all know, I am now RL1. This, ironically, means that I am no longer flying. When I was trying to get RL1 the instructors had an incentive to fly me. Now that I have attained that position, there is no reason for me to fly. In fact, I am simply the lowest rated regular pilot in the company. If someone is not going to fly that person is me. For example, when the aircraft get flown to Jacksonville to be put on ships, I wont be going.

This leaves plenty of time for me to be "initiated" or "hazed" or whatever you might want to call it. The senior warrant officers had the idea that it would be good for morale for the new guys to share the responsibility of carrying a lance at all times. My company - Bravo Company - is known as the "Lancers". I will, therefore, be constantly carrying a 4-foot long, homemade wooden lance in two-week shifts until I become a CW2 in March. I began carrying the lance today. What a joy. It is especially fun to carry when I am doing PT (physical training) such as running.

I have been working on fixing my motorcycle recently. During my last ride I broke the water pump cover, two turn signals, and bent the handlebars. I guess I was supposed to steer around the trees. If any of you are wondering whether I am adopting the lifestyle of a native Tenneseeian, check out the attached picture of me fixing my dirt bike - in my living room!