I spent three and a half hours today getting poked and prodded. This is called preparing an SRP or Soldier Readiness Packet. Part of the packet is getting vaccinated. I got vaccinated for Typhoid and Smallpox. I expect the Smallpox vaccine to be a lovely experience. I can expect a pus filled blister to develop on my arm within the next three days. The lymph node in my armpit will likely swell and become sore. I may develop a low grade fever and feel fatigued. I will need to be careful to change the dressing carefully and be sure not to contaminate the rest of my body with the virus from the blister. After two to three weeks it will eventually scab and fall off. All of this for protection from a disease that no one has caught in many, many years and, at this time, exists only in a few test tubes.

There is also more about the lance. I accidentally left it unattended in the office last week. One of the more senior warrants picked it up and gave it to the senior instructor pilot. I spent almost a week wondering if there would be some kind of "punishment" for this transgression. I got the lance back today with a warning not to leave it unattended again. I am waiting to see if there will be further repercussions.

Aside from classes on desert flying and getting shots my days are relatively uneventful. I am doing PT most days and getting about half of the day free. I acually wish I was either busier or had full days off so that I could go somewhere. Having a half-day free just means that I sit around being bored in Clarksville. I have heard rumors that we might get some leave in the next few weeks. That would be cool.