Too Much Time on Our Hands

Well, we all know what happens when a group of people have too much time on their hands. Silly things start to happen. The Lance is one example. Here is another. During PT last week we all participated in the Lancer Olympics. The games pitted first and second flight against each other in events such as the tug of war, wheel-barrow races (you read that right) and various kinds of relays. I am sorry to say that my flight, second flight, was shut out. It seems that first flight has more strength, agility and speed than we do. I must admit that it was a good work-out and we all had fun.

The pictures that I am attaching speak for themselves. Most of them are from the olympics though a few are from the ceremony in which I was granted the "honor" of bearing the Bravo Company Lance.

Oh, about that Lance . . .

I left it unattended in the office last week. It was taken away from me for a few days when it was picked up by a fellow warrant officer. I got it back last week with a stern warning to never again leave it unattended. I was also told that I would not, as planned, be passing the Lance to another junior warrant officer that week but would, as a punishment, be carrying it for another two weeks. Hoo ah.