Im Here

I am sitting in an air-conditioned trailer filled with internet terminals. I arrived in Kuwait early this morning after a very long trip.

We reported to the Hanger at 1500 and departed for Germany a little after midnight. We then flew for 8 hours to Frankfurt where we waited for 2 hours as the plane was serviced. The saga then continued for a 5 hour flight to Kuwait city. From Kuwait city it was a 3 hour bus ride to Camp Buering.

I must say that I am pleasantly surprised with the accomodations so far. We will be here for about two weeks as we get qualified in desert flying. The area is incredibly hot and barren. The high today will be 102. There are, however, creature comforts. My company is living in a very large, air-conditioned tent complete with a wood floor, electric lights and power outlets. We are sleeping on cots and nearly everyone has hooked up their computers and MP3 players. Camp Buerring has trailers housing a taco bell, a chinese restaurant, a pizza place, an internet cafe, a coffee shop, and two dining facilities. It also has warm showers and flush toilets. Woo-hoo!

It is not perfect, of course. The sand is everywhere and the temperature and wind make it worse. There are about 30 of us sharing a bit tent so there is really no privacy. We have to be in uniform all the time and tote around our rifles everywhere. All in all, however, this is not a bad place to begin the year-long countdown.

Once I have access to a high speed internet connection I will begin to send pictures. I dont have an address to give you yet because, by the time anything would arrive here my company would, most likely have moved on to Iraq.

I miss you all already but am confident in the leadership here and comfortable with my co-workers. Please rest-easy knowing that all is well for now.