Publish and subscribe

In response to a post a few weeks ago somebody commented that I should check out the publish and subscribe projects. I did and they are very good. The publish module, in particular, is just what I'm looking for. For my needs the subscribe module is not quite what I'm looking for. Two things:

The Publish server needs to be able to be any computer. With the current setup there is a need to input the name of the publish server. While this is possible and dealing with publishing from laptops can be handled with dynamic DNS. What cannot be handled is when the publishing server is NAT'd on a shared internet connection.

Within the subscribe module the customizations to make it less apparent where the content comes from (i.e. when it's a backend server not one that you want to be visited by the public) is a process of customizing the module. It could really use these as options in setting up the channels.

One more that is more personal than something that has to be dealt with by the publishers of the module. Since DirecWay refuses to address the problems with using XML-RPC over their satellite service the module won't work for those of us destined for only having DirecWay's lousy service.