Rams roll over Falcons

A beautiful evening in Fort Collins as the Rams of Colorado State rolled over the wishbone offense and non-existant defense of the Air Force Fighting Falcons. After watching the Rams struggle last season it was great to see a running back that can begin to fill the shoes of Ram greats Kevin McDougal and Cecil Sapp. As is usual the Flacons pulled out a couple of new plays in the contest. One worked well in confusing the Rams' defense and netted a touchdown. It wasn't until later in the fourth quarter that things got surreal. Returning a kickoff the Falcons threw a forward pass that was tipped by the Rams and ended up more lateral than forward. Forward is forward however, and the play cancelled an 85-yard return. From there the Falcons descended into self-destruct mode. A self-sack set the Falcons up inside the Rams' 10-yard-line.

There is all of this a great lesson about managing or coaching teams. DeBerry's squad called a gutsy play. The best that could happen was a bite out of the 18-point lead. Not a win, not greater confidence but a swing on a trick play. However the trick play backfired and the Falcons folded. However, had they chosen to run a few plays they could have battled back and made it a contest and possibly had a shot at a win. Instead a risky gamble didn't pay off and the consequences were disastrous for the the Falcons.

Update: Although it seems the Falcons play-calling left something to be desired in the game the head play-caller, DeBerry, proved once again his class tonight. Following the game he talked for a few moments with Sonny Lubick as is customary. Then he remained on the field, waiting through the television interviews for the chance to talk to Kyle Bell, the Rams outstanding running-back. DeBerry recruited and almost got Bell at the Academy. it took a lot of class to stay around after the loss and congratulate one of the players most responsible for a back-breaking defeat.