First Mission

I havnt had much luck flying missions recently. Prior to today I was scheduled to fly two missions and they were both cancelled due to weather. The irony is that the only weather days we've had have been days that I was scheduled to fly. All of the other days have been nearly perfect flying conditions. I finally flew today, albeit briefly. I flew about one hour. We flew a staff person to a nearby base and then returned. That was it. Still, at least I got a little bit of flight time. If everything I hear is true I will eventually be complaining about having TOO MUCH flight time. That is yet to be seen.

I have been working the day shift but will be transitioning to nights over the next few days. Goggle flying is certainly more challenging. Plus there is the added challenge of getting my body adjusted to a new schedule. These challenges will be worthwhile, howver, if I actually get some more stick time. Other than flying, I dont have much productive to do here. I am working out a lot and generally killing time between trips to the chow hall. I am also surfing the web, reading, and chatting with friends online. I've received a lot of books and a couple of letters but would always appreciate more mail. Magazines and healthy snacks are the thing that come to mind.