A new public radio station

I've recently begun listening a lot to KQED. The Bay Area's excellent radio station offers many benefits over Las Vegas' KNPR. One of the biggest is that it is possible to listen throughout a day and not hear the same story repeated ad-noseum. With KNPR it's gotten tough because four hours a day are filled with the local programing but it's not four hours a day worth. In fact it's not even two. They run the same segments during Morning Edition, and then again a few hours later, and in All Things Considered, and then again repeated in the State of Nevada. All and all not a terribly productive use of time.

Unlike many of the NPR affiliates KQED has an mp3 stream. This is important as I now have the stream in iTunes not in yet another poor third-party media player. Sure I could launch something like Real Player but why? Best of all it works great with Rogue Amoeba's Audio Hijack Pro - time shifting radio is really here. Now the programs I can't find time for on the weekend shift nicely into drive time podcasts.