Travel day

Today is a travel day. West to east so the time zones are not in my favor. I'm amazed there are still airports that don't get free wireless access. At McCarran (LAS) airport we have free wireless and it is the greatest tool for being able to get work done while awaiting a flight. I wonder if anybody has done a study. Certainly I know I spend more money at the airport because I don't mind getting here even earlier to have a good long time to work in the "Terminal B Office".

Speaking of work I've been looking a lot lately at helpdesk solutions. I thought SalesForce's SupportForce might be the way to go. Very impressive when I logged in and looked at it. Nearly 30-days ago I contacted the person I was told to contact with their sales team and haven't heard a peep back. So it won't be SalesForce. StackWorks IRM looks promising. There is active development and seems to be a solid product. The next version, however, will be a complete rewrite from PHP to Python and a move from MySQL to PostgreSQL. Perhaps I'll get into it enough to fork an alternate version 2 that stays with the architecture we need.