Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. Mine was good, all things considered. I flew a 7.2 hour mission that lasted nearly the entire day. I flew with a Pilot-in-Command that I have not flown with before and he was very relaxed about letting me fly the entire mission. I got some great flying done.

We began the day by flying a country music star named Aaron Tippon to our base for a concert. I did not know who he was but I guess he is pretty famous. I got a picture of myself with him in front of the helicopter. It turns out that his son-in-law is a pilot here and that Mr. Tippon is a private helicopter pilot himself.

After flying the performer, we did some more battlefield circulation and then returned to Speicher in time for thanksgiving dinner. The dinner had all of the expected foods - turkey, ham, sweet potatos, stuffing, pie. The food was average, at best, but the thought was nice. I was thankful for returning safe from the mission, having a good day of flying, and having a great group of friends and family here and back home.

I am attaching a photo of me with Aaron Tippon.