Holiday Spirit

As you know, once Thanksgiving passes everyone starts to think about the winter holidays. It is no different around here. Our neighbors in the CHU next door started to decorate yesterday. They have a life size picture of Santa Clause on their door and lights inside. Not to be outdone, we had a decorating party in our CHU last night.

Frank broke out the oatmeal bars and decorations that his wife sent, we turned on holiday music, and began the festivities. Since we are a multicultural CHU, Adam Sandler's Chanukah song was played more than once. I have to admit it was a fun time. We strung lights around our window and decorated a mini tree. We ate home baked treats and drank Hi-C out of those packets you put in lunch boxes.

As I was going to sleep to the glow of the christmas lights, Frank stayed up to surf the web. Everyone once in a while he'd interrupt with my sleep. "Chanukah starts the evening of the 25th" he'd say. Later, "What is a dreidel"?, then "What are Chanukkah coins?" It was pretty cool that he must have been checking out site about my holiday to learn a little more.

I am attaching a photo of our decorated CHU.


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I wasn't expecting this!

Not sure how I found this site but I was surprised to hear Lawyer Jim had escaped the office and was flying Blackhawks! Good on you!
(Helicopters are about as cool as you can get - when I was in the USFS I couldn't get enough of the Alouette-III's they took us around in. Seemed like the greatest combination of flying and motorcycling possible...)
You may not remember me or my son Cam, but you helped us out very well back in 2000. Cam is now an apprentice chef at a 2-star restaurant whose chef was an apprentice to Wolfgang Puck. The kid can really crank out a pizza now, let me tell you. In fact I've never seen *anybody* find their path like he has in the restaurant kitchen! Whenever you get back this way you should get in touch and let us buy you a dinner.
I better go, but I'll look into sending some books or such if I can - stay sharp
Gary Mengel