Rural areas question Las Vegas water grab

The Clark County Commission, Las Vegas Valley Water Authority, Clark County Water Reclamation District and the Big Bend Water District are set to vote today on resolutions to support the Southern Nevada Water Authority's plan to sink $2 billion into a system of pipelines purported to meet Las Vegas' water needs.

At hearings yesterday the several local groups and rural residents spoke against the proposition. "There is not enough research to support what they are trying to do," Ann Brauer, chairperson of the Indian Springs Town Board told the hearing.

Earlier this month Las Vegas councilman Gary Reese was the lone "no" vote when the Las Vegas council voted to support the water grab.

None of the political entities in or around Las Vegas has yet explained what they will do after this water grab fails to supply the needs of the valley. At some point perhaps they will begin to consider the necessary limits on growth the the middle of the desert.