Stepping into the hot shower this morning the water pressure seemed a little lower than normal but not badly. Turning around I picked up the shampoo and clicked open the lid. Lifting the bottle to encourage the flow of shampoo the water stopped coming from the shower head. It just petered out and stopped. Dry as a desert summer day. Now comes the fun part, wet and in cold air I try to try off as best I can while gathering some clothes to head outside. Every faucet in the house shares the paucity of water flow. Going to the well it seems the top of the well is frozen. Fortunately not broken or busted open by the pressure of freezing, but none the less, frozen. Returning to the house I test the adage about whether watched pots boil. This one did not. Not that it didn't try or wouldn't have but that I lack the patience to wait for a full boil. Headed out with a kettle full of hot water and turning the pump back on, the hot water softens the icy plug in the pipes and water begins to flow.

Time for more winterizing.