The Holiday Spirit

I wanted to share some pictures with you from the past few days. You will see attached to this entry the following:

Two photos from our command post here at Speicher. Notice the festive decorations.

A few photos from the midnight Christmas dinner we had at the Forward Operating Base Warrior chow hall near Kirkuk when we got stranded there. There is a picture of Floyd using his leatherman to crack open some lobster and another of me standing next to an odd food sculture.

A photo of the tent we stayed in Christmas night (also the first night of Chanukah). It was drafty but cozy.

A photo of the actress Kelly Hu (X2 and Scorpian King) sigining one of our pilot's (Anna) helmets. She is writing. "To Fly Girl - you go!". Anna, you will notice, is not wearing an Army issue hat. We flew Kelly Hu all around Iraq to meet the soldiers before we got stranded.

Hope you all are enjoying the holiday season.