Software Update problem not with DirecWay

After setting up a new iMac G5 recently there were a plethora of software updates to be downloaded. The problem is that after the first time where the update window showed two pages of available updates it subsequently refused to show any at all.

Thinking that the problem might have to do withDirecWay as the DirecWay XML-RPC does.

However, the fault seems to be with OS X instead. If there is a cache file in the following directory remove it and all should be well:




Software Update

Thanks for the info. It solved my Software Update problem on Direcway.

Yes, I had the same problem.

Yes, I had the same problem. Removing this cache file resolved the software update failing. Though this must be deleted each time after an update. What a pain.

I am also occasionally encoutering a similar problem (bad server response) with Direcway/Hughes on some websites. Any ideas? Thanks,