Can Yojimbo do what I'm trying to do?

I wrote yesterday about my overall favorable first impressions of Yojimbo. Tonight a project came up that seemed the perfect test. The project included tracking down property records from the Clark County website. These records all come from a website where the display are all pages created by submitting web-forms.

Unfortunately I can't find a way to get Yojombo to capture these pages. Even with a copy and paste from the results page it seems to be "smart" enough to go back and reload the original page - now a blank form - instead of the results I'm trying to paste. It can be done by taking a screen picture and putting that in, but it lacks the ability to select the text and copy-paste later on.



Hmm. Do this:1) Go to the

Hmm. Do this:

1) Go to the File menu in your web browser and select Print.
2) Click on the PDF button and select Save PDF in Yojimbo.

A partial solution

That does work to an extent. Unfortunately it still does not solve having a page with useable URLS and copyable text. If it is one or two words then it will work but if it were just a couple of words I wouldn't be worried about copy and paste, but things like multi-column layouts don't copy from PDF well and Safari doesn't "print" the backgrounds and some page images when printing to PDF, at least in the tests I did.