Dick Morgan for university president

With the resignation of Carol Harter as UNLV's president there has been a great deal of speculation about Dick Morgan being picked to be the next university president.

In a KLAS TV story Chancellor Jim Rogers says he's been approached by people who think Morgan should be president - of UNR that is. The comments lead one to believe that they were prior to there being an opening at UNLV.

Elsewhere in the Las Vegas Sun Regent Harry Rosenberg says of Chancellor Rogers "The behavior I'm seeing is typical of Mussolini".

On a personal note I'll be linking to all the stories I come across on this topic. However, I will be unlikely to comment much from a personal perspective. Morgan is my second-level supervisor (my boss' boss). He is an adept administrator and simply one of the best administrators' I've had the fortune to work for as well as being an outstanding person. As much as I don't relish the possibility of Dean Morgan leaving the law school, I have a great deal of interest in seeing people with Morgan's skill and management style leading Nevada's institutions of higher education.