Drupal.org Down?

Is it just me or is Drupal.org down? Of course I need to start a new project quickly and wanted to get the latest beta.

Update: Must have been because it is responding now.

Update too: There is a post explaining the outages.



Drupal.org Down?

Nope buddy,

Your not the only one to discover that Drupal.org is Down. Yes Drupal.org is down and was down last night as well as today @ 04/06/2008 10:08 PM (IST).

So, I goggled "drupal is down" and found in some blog that comments module in Drupal 4.5 lets users execute arbitrary code on servers and thereby taking down the whole site.

It's quite shocking news for me cause I go to Drupal frequently and I have never found it down!!!

I wish good luck to Drupal moderators and Web Masters to put this great CMS back in to place again with all the security bug fixes.... Good Luck to DRUPAL.ORG

Drupal security

Yeah Drupal.org had some troubles yesterday. As for the security side of things it's great to look at what Drupal does in the current day and age, not just how it was misconfigured in the past. This recent article provides a great comparison of Drupal vs. closed-source security.

Yes it is down

Drupal site is down from last 4 hours... I see for the first time Drupal webmasters are taking long time to fix it.


No it's not up yet

Down again?

Down again?


*.drupal.org -> No ping, no response, nothing.

Up again.

Strike ended.

... and again?

I found both drupal.org and civicrm.org are down. Both have 140.211.166.x addresses ... :(