Neighborhood Improvements?

My battalion lives in LSA 11. This stands for, I think, Living Sustainment Area 11. It is our neighborhood. Two days ago the civilian contractors began pouring concrete sidewalks between the CHUs in our LSA. These will be invaluable once the rains start. The alternative would be slogging through what I hear is oatmeal-type mud. The sidewalks, however, are a little depressing. They seem to be a permanant fixture in what I like to believe is a temporary environment. I have attached a photo of the sidewalk in my little row of LSA 11. My CHU is the second down on the right. It is just past the door with the porch and the santa picture. Oh, Happy New Year!



Blackhawk crash

Hi James,
I was concerned when I heard that a Blackhawk had crashed in Northern Iraq and I just found out that it belonged to the 101st Airborne. Terrible news - our thoughts are with you and the members of your division.

Drop us a line if you are okay!


Not bad digs.....

Hi James, Sort of got your mailng address from Angie & Darrin.
Any special requests? May not get it but at least give us some ideas. Kind of reminds of a neighborhood back in DC, LOL. Sorry but your place has way many more windows than they had! Still reading the blog, very cool and it is giving us a real good insight from your point of view. What type of elec power you have? 120v60mhz? Anyway, know your time on the net is limited, so I will stop now. Write when you get the chance.....
Marck, LIsa & Hailey Greensboro, No. Carolina

James is OK

James is OK. Heard from him this morning following a communications blackout while the families of those lost in the Blackhawk crash on Saturday were notified.

Pleasant Surprise

I stumbled across your blog while doing a random search for aviation blogs. What a pleasant surprise. Thank you for taking the time to post from so far away. I feel honored to have had the chance to read it.