The next digital rights war?

A major announcement from the Disney ABC Television Group today lends support to the idea that video over the internet is taking off. The new titles added will include clips from yesterday's games as well as free video podcasts taking clips from popular news and information shows.

How long until we have a war over not just the broadcast rights but the delayed video rights as well? When will the first college turn it's sideline video into a full-blown video podcast of the season? It is quite possible to choose to avoid the score of a game and watch it tomorrow. What will it do to the ESPN model of charging $20 for a weekend's games if I can download the one game I want to see on Sunday for $2. Sure the quality won't be great, but then again I'm as likely to be doing other things while watching anyway.

One thing seems clear from this announcement. The iPod video market is going well. The first timid entries by ABC have been joined by NBC and ABC is rushing to get more content into the system. If the model was lackluster it seems they'd take a more cautious approach.