Blogtheme for Drupal 4.7

I've spent a while today trying to upgrade the Blog Theme module for Drupal to work with Drupal 4.7. Somehow I'm just not seeing the error. It is not throwing any errors so maybe I need to break it in order to track the variables more easily. Fixing Blog Theme is the last "must have" for upgrading this site to Drupal 4.7. A few more challenges remain for one more site.

Update: Persistence does pay. Attached below is a module for BlogTheme that seems to work with Drupal 4.7. The only other modification to the config is setting Taxonomy Theme to be called as a menu hook instead of init hook by changing taxonomy_theme_init () to taxonomy_theme_menu().

Update : This is odd. I'll have to work more tomorrow on what it means. If I put blog_theme.module into the modules directory it works fine. If it goes into the modules/blogtheme/blog_theme.module directory it doesn't work. It should but it doesn't.



Dude! I like -- have an idea...

I have no idea if this is related, but I had what sounds like a similar problem today with 4.7. The cause ended up being the disappearence of the <base href="" /> tag that used to be in the head, but was removed for wahtever reason in 4.7. Check you're module's inclusion paths. if it uses JScript or CSS (which I imagine it does).

This may be a worthless idea, but it ended a 3 hour hairpulling session I went through today.

Moving modules

See this link:

You can probably fix the problem by running the following query in your database:
DELETE FROM system WHERE name = 'blog_theme';

You may have to reenable the module after you do this. An UPDATE query to set the filename would also work, but I've just been using the DELETE and reenable route.

Thanks That solved it

In moving the database I didn't think to look and see that it already existed in the system table. Interestingly I did a manual UPDATE that set the file name but that didn't seem to work. The Delete and then turning the module on in admin did.

A Little Fix

Hi, your module happens to be just the right thing I needed. But using the latest Drupal (4.7.3) sometimes I got a -not harmful-but-annoying MySQL error. Here is a little fix at blog_theme_menu():

case 'node':
if (!arg(1))

It basically skipps calling node_load when a node ID is not specified.

download not working

Hi Josh,

I would like to grab your 4.7 version of this module to start playing with it, but the download link doesn't work. Any help?

Thanks in advance,



Sorry about that... One too many site moves and a folder was left behind. It should be available now.