A new look

WIthin a couple of weeks we'll mark the passage of the three year mark for this site running on Drupal. It is easily the longest the site has been on a single content management system. Others included Clay Basket, Userland Frontier and Zope.

In honor of this and because Drupal needs some good new themes, I started working this afternoon on porting the excellent Grass Stains theme to a Drupal 4.6/4.7 theme. I found several themes at OpenWebDesigns.org that will lead to some more porting soon. First, however, will be a new look for the Nevada Boys State website.

Once I do a little more work on the theme and get CVS access for Drupal I'll be contributing the theme to the site. In the meantime if you want to work with it drop me a note and I'll send you the tar file.



Nice Look

I like your new theme. It's very nice. I did notice that your Google search field extends beyond your floating block's boundaries. I also noticed that you seem to be in or near my neck of the woods, Las Vegas, NV.

LV Drupal Users Group

Looks like we may have the start of a Las Vegas Drupal Users Group.

Thanks for the note on the search box. It should be better now.