Early Spring

Catnip's minty freshness mixes with the edgy onion aroma in the air as the sky fills with clouds bumping into one another as so many bags of cotton candy piling up. Spring is well on its way in Southern Nevada. Though the warmth of the day is somewhat less than the normal 70 degrees for this time of year, the trees are budding out and the grass is greening up. All of which means it is time to get the garden underway. As one who spends most days building with electrons planting season is a perennial favorite. The richness of the soil and dealing in the realm of real things instead of theoretical always refresh the mind.

For gardeners and those considering some improvements to the home landscape, Rain Bird publishes a nice Low Volume Landscape Irrigation Design Manual. Sometimes better know by the name "drip" low-volume irrigation saves not only lots of water but lots of money for its users. With the savings, folks might be interested in Hunter's Wireless Valve System.


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