The Green Bus Project

With apologies to those friends who have a band called the Green Dot Project, I'll be posting from time to time on the Green Bus Project. The Green Bus is a 1979 Volkswagen Transporter Type II Canadian model with a Westfalia weekender camper conversion. Since 1980 Green Bus has been in the family. The stories of its past are too numerous to recount in one telling. Among those that stand out the most are the summers spent riding across the west, stopping in one national park and another, venturing into Canada and making memories to last a lifetime. Then there is the first accident I ever had at age 16 and the first year at college when Green Bus was my transportation. It marked our arrival in Colorado by the snapping of the clutch cable on Highway 36 on the way into Estes Park leading to a clutchless trip down Highway 34 to Loveland and on into Fort Collins.

There are plenty of sub-projects in The Green Bus Project. A new battery has the bus happily purring along again: without the former concern for whether it will start again without the help of an external power source.