I got promoted today to CW2 (Chief Warrant Officer 2). This is an automatic promotion that occurs two years after becoming a WO1 (warrant officer 1). CW3 will not come along for another 5 years. The cool thing about the CW2 rank is that no can tell if I am brand new or have 4+ years service.

The promotion ceremony was memorable - to say the least. The company commander pinned my new rank on. Then the fun began. I was the last WO1 in the company so the other warrants decided to have some fun. Five or six of them tackled me, held me down, bound me with duct tape, cargo straps, and zip ties, carried me outside, tied me to a post and soaked me with water. It took all six because I put up a lot more of a fight than I think they expected. After all, it wouldnt be any fun if I just gave up. We were all worn out by the end. It was a good initiation into the more senior warrant officer ranks and I think I put up a fight that couldnt help but earn me some respect.

There were cameras clicking away the entire time so I am attaching just a few photos.




Congratulations Rotoravi8r!

hi love. so happy about your

hi love. so happy about your promotion. you should be proud... you deserve it. i love you and i will see you soon


Congradulations! The photos

Congradulations! The photos are a hoot. Keep up the good work and know there are people wishing you the best - always.