Perfromancing blog tool

Performancing's excellent tool Performancing for Firefox is a great boon to blog editors everywhere. There are, however, a few key features missing from this tool. With a little luck version 1.3 will have three new features or fixes. One is the ability to add free tags to a post's categories. With Drupal and WordPress it is possible to have tags one types in at the time of the post but it takes an extra edit once the item is posted when using the Performancing tool. Spellbound compatibility is another area that needs to be improved. While spellbound can mark misspelled words while you type you can't do a spell check or get suggestions. The final improvement and perhaps the most critical for the tool's audience of serious bloggers is a better way to identify the various blogs one posts to. In the current release Performancing doesn't allow the user to change the names but forces a naming convention of "username: blog". I use the same username on several systems, as I'd think do many bloggers. In my case I end up with a list of "joshb: blog." Guessing which one is which blog is cumbersome.



I feel your pain. We'll be

I feel your pain.
We'll be coming out with a quick release very soon to add Localization, but 1.3 will have the 'edit names' feature you are talking about.

Sorry for the wait.

As for spellbound, assuming you followed the instructions here:
when misspelled word is underlines, hold the control button down and click on it to see the suggestions (not sure why the extension makes it this way).

Just so you know, firefox 2.0 will have integrated spell checking so all will be good :)



Thanks for the comment Jed. I didn't mention in this post that I'm using OS X on the mac. The control-click brings up the context menu. In most places in Firefox this includes a "Check Spelling..." menu item but no suggestions. In the Performancing blog posting plugin the Check Spelling... item is missing from the contextual menu.