Podcasting plunge

After months and months of talking about it with friends and thinking I should get around to it, I've finally bitten the bullet and taking the podcasting plunge. The first two Boys' State Podcasts are online. A little rough around the edges to be sure but in the school of jumping in with both feet they are online.

A quick (very quick) survey of Google suggests Nevada Boys' State might be the first Boys' State program in the country to be podcasting. The delegates to this year's program will be participating in the podcasting experiment as well, producing new content each day to share with those back home and the world at large.





I run the Boys State website for Michigan (http://michiganlegion.org/boysstate/), and I can say with certainty that most Boys State websites don't have the technological knowhow to do podcasts anyways... but its definitely unique. Last year I wanted to put some video files online.. but that never happened.

Some iPod Content

We did put a couple of videos up last year. Here's a link.