Problems with Firefox 2.0

Problems with Firefox 2 are cropping up for other folks as well. Firefox brings spell checking but takes away stability. Not a good trade-off and I'm tired of restarting Firefox a dozen times a day. Almost tired enough to start using Safari again.



The program freezes and stops working....

often times the program just freezes and stops working(unresponsive.) If I shift/control/delete and close the application I can't start it back up. I went into processes and noticed two firefox.exe files still running. If I close them I can bring the program back up. This happens VERY frequently. I tried to find a copy of 1.5 but can't seem to locate it anywhere on the web. If the bugs don't get fixed I'm going back to IE. This is a desktop computer with a core duo 2 processor. The same version on my centrino laptop seems to work find.

Disable Google Toolbar

Odds are you've got Google Toolbar enabled. If you disable it life gets much better quickly. At least it did for me.