Drupal login problem with PHP 5.2

Having recently upgraded to PHP 5.2 on one of the servers I run I needed to throw a new Drupal site together this evening. All was well until you tried to navigate to any page after logging in. Access Denied was the response on every page. It turns out this is a known issue and is fixed in the latest development release of Drupal 4.7. If you're running PHP 5.2 make sure you download 4.7-dev instead of Drupal 4.7.4.



4.7.4 + patch

Better not use 4.7.-dev, or any dev version for that matter unless you know what you do, as it is unsupported. Suppose we open a security hole the size of a barn door in 4.7-dev; we'll fix it, but we won't announce.

It also helps to prevents the following questions on -support:

Q (to user): What version of Drupal are you running?
A: Eh, I don't know, 4.7 from December 2006 or something

If you must use Drupal 4.7 on PHP 5.2, download 4.7.4 and apply the patch from http://drupal.org/node/93945#comment-155164. Another option is to wait a bit till 4.7.5 comes out (christmas present ?).

It would be nice but...

There are a lot of people who don't have the access to readily patch their distributions. And if you've got a broken 4.7.4 site because your provider now runs PHP 5.2 waiting for the next release isn't to appealing an idea either. For this significant group of people there are few options but to keep up to date with the latest development version.

If you can upload you can patch.

If you can upload a file, you can patch, so I don't really get the "don't have the access to readily patch their distributions". It may be hard to learn, the first time though :)

Thank you.

This helped me. I appreciate the posting of the line for settings.php that fixes this bug.


Whaaa..thanks Josh. Since

Whaaa..thanks Josh. Since our server upgrade to PHP 5, we have a couple problems with our Drupal site. Thanks Josh