Drupal Scheduler Module

Blogs that are consistently updated get more readers than those that go in the fits and starts that so many do. Recently a couple of suggestions have been posted around to do two things. One suggestion, the good one, is to use a feature of your blogging software to schedule posts in advance. This is just the purpose of the Drupal Scheduler module. By enabling the module and then going to Administer >> Content Types you can choose which types of content can be scheduled.

When I was installing it did not go well because of an older (much older) version of the module still hanging around. Actually the module was gone but the tables were still in the database. Deleting the tables and then re-activating the module solved the problem quickly.

As for the bad idea it involved a WordPress plug in to automatically run old posts on the front of your site. There are many reasons this isn't a good idea. Having even time insensitive posts reappear on your site is worse than reruns on TV. At least the TV guide tells you they are re-runs and the TIVO knows not to bother. Running old content as new is one sure-fire way to cut down on the number of readers to any blog. 



I am going to test this

I am going to test this module today. I want to schedule my blog/forum posts automatically. I hope it does what I want to do.