Unintended consequences

Many things we do have unintended consequences. Consider for example the research suggesting mobile phones may be killing off bee colonies. The consequences of this are particularly dire on our food crops. In spite of a great apricot blossom this year we appear to have few fruit set on the trees. What we didn't have to go with the blossoms were the bees to pollinate them.

Southern Nevada Water Authority's attempt to grab water from rural Nevada and surrounding states is rife with such unintended consequences. Consider the global food supply chain that feeds Las Vegas. With the destruction of the agricultural areas of the state Las Vegas will be totally dependent on this global chain instead of having the local resources to support the community in times of crisis. We have recently seen the effects of this global supply chain when a Las Vegas company sold contaminated wheat germ to pet food manufacturers and poisoned pets across the continent. With a food supply this fragile even small disruptions have huge consequences.

The Nevada State Engineer yesterday released a decision that gives SNWA about half of the water they were looking to take from the residents of Spring Valley. The agency would like residents of Spring Valley to believe that it will spend tens of billions of dollars building a pipeline and abandon it the instant it has a detrimental impact on the state's breadbasket. With a once fertile portion of the state dried up to provide water for Las Vegas' uncontrolled growth Las Vegans will have no safety net when it comes to our food supply. Rural Nevada may never be able to completely support Las Vegas' food needs, but it is certain that without this important safeguard Vegas will be in even more peril.


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Southern Nevada's water problem

Having just watched "Desert Wars: the west and water" on PBS; I was inspired to write something...and I will continue to post about this subject in different media because I feel it is one of a number of large environmental problems facing us because of our ridiculous overconsumption of water. We need to look back on the example of Owens Valley, Ca, which died shortly after Los Angeles started draining their water...just killed the entire valley, beautiful lakes and streams and wildlife, trees and flowers...everything dead cause LA wanted to expand 'at any cost', which is exactly what is going on in Las Vegas. I hope the ranchers in this beautiful area of our nation will be willing to Stand Firm against any water "deals" that are trying to be made. Las Vegas needs to stop growing and learn how to recycle all of its water. I mean 1 million individual green lawns in the middle of a desert makes no sense at all. Please get on the bandwagon with this issue. We don't want 'big money' destroying anymore of our environment. Thank you for participating.