Drupal.org only appears to be down

There is presently a glitch on drupal.org which is displaying a blank home page to users who are not logged in. The problem is likely related to recent changes. If you login the front page works as well so it is only anonymous users who are seeing the problem.

Even when the website isn't working it is possible to download modules via FTP.



The problem was in the memcache module

The memcache module (which compliments the memcache.inc caching backend) was collecting statistics on memcache usage and had an error in it. It has since been fixed and a new release of memcache (will be 1.4) is being prepared. The good news is that Drupal.org now runs memcache as its caching backend and once everything is configured correctly and is running smoothly, we should see a more responsive Drupal.org.

Good news indeed

This is great news. The few times that I was on Drupal.org last evening it was noticeably more responsive. Thanks for all your hard work and the great results!