Organizational web-mastering

Every once in a while something happens that just floors me. Often I think I've seen just about every cheap-trick in the book and know all the ways people are a bit odd. A recent exchange showed that I've still got more to learn. The story starts some months back when an organization asked me to work on their website. For a multitude of reasons the group was not happy with the site they had and couldn't get satisfaction from the process they were using.

Of course I suggested a first rate content management system and we set about the process. Some domain transfer issues slowed the process further but that's a different story. When we finally got up and running the previous webmaster objected that we were using "their" content on the new site. Mind you, "thier" content consisted of only text and those texts were generated by the organization and submitted to the web maintainer for posting. So not wanting ill will the process is yet again delayed while the issue of who owns the content is worked out. The answer is pretty clear but the tactics are something any company or organization doing web work should make clear in the beginning.


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Re: Organizational web-mastering

I had the exact same experience with a non-profit some years ago, except that it was first about the who owned the content and then who owned the domain. Without going into it too much, I can honestly say I learned a lot.