Colorado State victory makes Monday morning easier

I'll freely admit that I was pretty nervous. The combination of a 13-game loosing streak and UNLV being a 2-point favorite for UNLV's homecoming game Saturday evening made for a real possibility that UNLV would beat the Rams for the first time in years. Sure there were all sorts of things that one can point to showing why CSU should win the game. The fact remains that CSU lost several games that they should have won in the midst of this streak. However, the Rams' 48-23 victory makes it a little easier to go to the office on Monday. The Rams' slide has raised the speculation around Coach Sonny Lubick's possible retirement. It is ironic given that what has made Lubick so successful is that his teams always have heart. Only once in the 13-game streak did the team seem defeated by their own lack of motivation. And that game, last week against Air Force, now seems a one-time event. Whatever happens the Sonny Lubick bobble head on my desk will remain proudly in place.