HughesNet once again proves worthless

The problems with HughesNet/DirecWay are never ending. We know that the service breaks basic web services like XML-RPC and that there are plenty of service problems but I will be so happy when I never again have need of their services. The story this time goes like this. I haven't used the network connection in days. What use the family has made has been minimal so we've had a total of 50-60MB downloaded this week. I have been thinking that I should start iTunes at midnight some night so I get to the FAP-free hours for downloading podacasts. After several days of waiting until tomorrow I gave up and started iTunes today. I stopped all the podcast downloads and went about my way. iTunes wanted to download iPhone 1.1.1 update and I allowed it this hefty file. All was just fine until the usually reasonably-sized Career Opportunities podcast sent out a hefty 80MB wiz-banger.

So now thanks to a bit of bad timing and HughesNet I'll not have internet connectivity for the better part of a 24-hour window. To top it all off their interface for checking when you're victim to the poorly named Fair Access Policy runs more than an hour behind. Thankfully the AT&T Edge network is much faster here.


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Hughesnet is a rip off

Try calling the 800 number to order Hughesnet's service and they will never tell you about FAP. They will let you go about a month of unlimited downloading and then bam you get hit and can't even get on the internet, and tech support, huh, it's in india, when you call you always get some whatever they are down there that you can't even understand and when you call back with a reference number, they (the indians) make you go thru the same crap each time. "HELLWOOO, TAN ME WELP OOH", get my drift.
Service is terrible.
Tech support is terrible.
Would not recommend this to anyone.