Weekend oddities

A couple of odd things happened this weekend. First I was traveling from Tampa to Las Vegas on Friday and checked a bag. I'd taken a larger bag than necessary because my suit didn't fit well in the smaller bag. When I stuck my things in the bag on the way home I did not put the shoe trees back in my shoes. Upon opening the bag there was the little paper saying TSA had opened the bag and then I noticed the shoe trees were indeed in the shoes.

Did I almost run you over?

Saturday I was at the office for most of the day. I decided to go across the street for a sandwich at lunch. To get across the street I used the frequently fatal crosswalk to traverse Maryland Parkway. The southbound lanes were wide open and as crossed the median there was one car off in the distance coming a little too fast. As I reached the middle lane the driver didn't stop and swerved around me with his window down. He was apologizing as I was making some comments about his ability to read the signs, comments which aren't fit for reprinting here.

After getting my sandwich I came back across Maryland Parkway uneventfully. On campus I noticed a man looking at the campus directory who looked vaguely like someone from Sandy Valley. I did a double take and decided it wasn't someone I knew. About that time the man looking at the directory says "Are you the guy I almost ran over.... I'm so sorry." Indeed it was the driver of the car who was on the campus looking for Sam Boyd Stadium. The stadium is not on campus though. I gave him directions to the stadium and as we parted he said "You're not sending me out there because I almost ran you over?" I wasn't and assured him I wasn't.