Media self-coverage and the writer's strike

We have had many reasons to distrust the media. Though most reporters and anchors are well-meaning and probably don't aim to lie. But when it comes to covering the media it is increasingly impossible to trust what is said by so-called news broadcasts. A case in point is tonight's broadcast from KATB here in Boise. The local NBC affiliate was covering the return of David Letterman and Jay Leno to doing live shows starting tonight. In painting the situation with an overly broad brush they said that both hosts would return without writers. This, however, is a falsehood. While it is true that Leno will come back without writers, Letterman on a competing network and ownership of his own show will come back with writers. Could one assume that the local NBC affiliate didn't know the difference? The possibility seems so remote as to be impossible since the news has been out for several days already. Instead it seems that there is little way to view this other than a deliberate deception. The question is how many other NBC affiliates ran similar stories tonight?