New look

Time for a new look. The new theme here doesn't work completely yet as I'm finding a few bugs here and there. The big move is that much of the content which was on the side bars previously is now located near the bottom of the page. This way these items won't be distracting while looking at the page. One of my favorite features of the new design is the "fluid-but-not-too-fluid" nature of it. To a point it is a fluid design but stretch it too far and it will stay at a reasonably readable size. Thanks Drupal for being such a rockin system.



Its good to keep things

Its good to keep things fresh. Nice site renovations.

everybody is so into drupal

everybody is so into drupal these days, i have to get on that.

Why is that...

The blog is loading very slowly???

Geographically specific feature

It's a feature based on geography where certain cities are set to load slower than other areas. Disneyland is set to -10 so people won't try to surf from there.

New theme needed a few tweaks

I've reverted back to a different theme until I get time to tweak my new theme further. While it generally works there are enough small annoyances that I'll shut it off for now.