Getting rid of filing cabinets

Moving is again in our future. We moved last December into a house we planned to stay in six months. Well we've stayed on past that and are now ready to find the next stop on our journey. It will be nice to finally unpack some of the boxes we've left packed knowing "we won't be here long".

One of the things we had intended to do before we moved last time was get rid of the file cabinets. We have lots of papers to keep and that we need access to but hauling around file cabinets doesn't seem the best solution. However with the rush that comes with moving it did not happen. This time, however it will get done. To that end I picked up a
[amazon B000WJCX18 inline] from Amazon today.

If anybody has experience or suggestions on the best methods for setting up a system please feel free to leave some comments here. With a good-high speed connection and solid backups I'm thinking of keeping the archive in the home office and storing an offsite backup. But what methods do folks find best. Of course in my mind this ties into a nice Drupal document repository that will keep it all together and store resources galore.


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Unfortnately, I don't have tips for you...YET. This is the next big system we'll be tackling at Consilio: how to take someone to a "paperless state." The ScanSnap is an excellent choice on hardward--it's getting great reviews. I'll be eager to hear your experience. has a few entries on how to do it, using the ScanSnap.