Views attachment display type

While doing some overhaul this weekend I had a plan to put a feature story on the front page of my blog and link to a number of shorter items in a series of blocks across the bottom of the page. This got me to thinking that James Walker, aka Walkah, had done something similar. But it turns out it's much cooler.

James posted how he was using the attachment display type in Views 2 to display two views at once. Sure enough the attachment display type is yet another awesome feature in the long line of cool new functions in Views 2.

The great thing is the workflow couldn't be simpler either. By default my blog posts are now not "promoted to front page" and instead go to the "In Brief" section of the page. When I put together a little longer post with a little more thought behind it then I can check one button and the story makes it way to the "featured" position on the front page. It took a very little bit of CSS styling to get the grid view with the in-brief section to do just as I desired but it was quite simple all and all.


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