Setting up FCKeditor and file downloads

This post is a draft of the response to a forum topic on The post asks about how to setup FCKeditor and how to customize the display of uploaded files.


The FCKEditor module installation is a two-part process. And it sounds like the frustration is in getting the actual FCK library included. Assuming your site resides in a folder called www (or it might be called something like public_html etc. and in that case you'll substitute that directory below).

  • Download the module from the module page.
  • Install the module in www/sites/all/modules so you now have a www/sites/all/modules/fckeditor directory with files like and fckeditor.module etc. inside.
  • Download the FCKeditor library from the FCKEditor website.
  • Install the FCKeditor library inside the module folder so you now have www/sites/all/modules/fckeditor/fckeditor which will contain files like fckeditor.asp and fckeditor.php.
  • Then in the administration interface enable the FCKeditor module under Admin >> Site Building >> Modules

Changing the display of uploaded files

Changing the display of uploaded files can be done in a couple of ways. It sounds like you're likely using the file attachment functionality built into Drupal core. To modify the output in this case it would be necessary to create a new template for the page in the theme. This post explains how to create a sub-theme based on the Acquia Marinatheme.

If you're not quite comfortable getting started with creating a sub-theme just yet there is another combination of modules you can use that will give you more control over this page. This includes the Content Construction Kit, CCK, and FileField modules. Both of these modules are included, along with several other modules that are most commonly used on sites, in the Acquia Drupal distribution (download).

With CCK and Filefield modules installed and enabled you can add fields of different types to your content types. In this case you can add a Filefield which will give you the ability to upload files. More to the point of your question it will allow you to choose the order of the different fields on the page so you can have the file download appear above the body of your post.

Also for a rapid response to issues related to Acquia Drupal and the Acquia Marina theme you might consider a (free) community subscription at which will get you access to the forums that I and the other members of our support team respond to on a daily basis. And with a standard or higher subscription there is also the ability to open support tickets for individual cases.