Looking in all the wrong places

Some recent unbookings for Las Vegas meetings have Sin City tourism officials concerned. Last year's meeting revenue was off 5% before the recent spate of backlash.

Having recently traveled through McCarran airport it seems that Las Vegas tourism officials should be considering other problems as well. In short I've never been in a place so filthy. Every corner of the C-terminal that wasn't filled with a human was covered with litter. Each of the windows held a random collection of used tissues, drink cups and to-go containers decorating the sill. The rows upon rows of seats that make up each gate had similar collections of detritus under each seat.

The impression was certainly not a positive one. Imagine the business traveler arriving for the fist time for a meeting that evening. I've traveled through the airport most of my life and it was enough to make me cross it off as many trips as possible. What would somebody who had never been there think?




If airport terminals is what drives you to visit a city I guess Detroit is on your list? :-)

In all seriousness, their new terminal was damn nice when I visited there last summer.
However their wifi was a bit sketchy so can we at least give McCarran credit in that area?

Forever an apologist

Guess you're going to keep giving McCarran the benefit of the doubt... And this from somebody who will soon call SFO home... SFO is so much more a real airport. Be sure not to miss DIA or PDX either as both rank high on my list.

The decent WiFi at McCarran used to earn it points... I even wrote that several years ago. Now it's a baseline requirement.

Some bad experience is lead to learning for others

I guess this something bad experiences for you. And last you mention that If it goes to first meeting than it might be killing or very bad for anyone. What you mention about Terminal C is really sick and bad......