Popups API for Gigya Socialize module

Generally I'm not a fan of putting out distributions of modules outside of the regular release system at Drupal. In this case, however, the Gigya Socialize module depends on several small patches to the Popups API. All of the issues are in the queue and hopefully with some review will be worked on and ultimately accepted. However to stem the tide of email requests on how to patch a module I'm going to provide a patched version here. This uses today's Popups API 6.x-2.x branch from CVS with the four patches listed on the Gigya Socialize module page included.

Note I do not plan to update package. The package is only an interim stopgap until some action is taken on the issues in the queue.



Download doens't work

When unpacking the tgz under OSX I get the error that "No file or dicrectory exists".
Could you also provide a normal zip version of that download?

Kind regards,

Nevermind, OSX doesn't

Nevermind, OSX doesn't understand .tgz, you have to rename the file to .tar.gz to open it on Macs

Thanks. Nice Blog.

Thanks for this! This will help save some time. Much appreciated. And also: damn nice looking blog! I like it.

Enjoy your day,

yep, it's fine-looking.

I was just going to pop in and say thanks for the patch download, but then I got distracted by the pretty too. :)

Great but not installing popups_skin.js

Thanks for the patched module. However, when I install it and try to test, I get a white page, and in my error log it says it is missing the popups_skin.js inside my theme folder. I checked and it is not there. I reproduced in two sites with two themes (marinelli and garland). Any ideas?