Drupalcamp Atlanta 2009

Sitting at O'Hare on the way home from the inaugural Drupal Camp Atlanta. It was a great camp on the whole. The waining days of summer brought plenty of rain to Atlanta. Rain in Atlanta is a rather different experience for a life-long westerner. I hold fast to an instinctive reaction to seeing rain outside. When exiting the building the rain means it will be somewhere between chili and downright cold outside. It doesn't rain that way in Atlanta. Rather the opposite every building we exited the outdoors, rain included, was warmer. Never before have I had my glasses fog up so much in September.

While at the camp I did a showing many of the new things in Drupal 7 and demonstrating the themebuilder. The presentation is attached below. There are other presentations that are more complete as well as lists of changes on drupal.org.

All the recent work in Drupal 7, several great new commits has me ready to go in getting the ball moving on the modules I maintain. Really looking forward to the contrib sprint next month and hoping to get some work on Drupal 7 modules done before then. Speaking of we need a snazzy badge. Anybody with some great graphic skills up to the task?

On a personal note one highlight was talk on the module. It's been on my list to spend some more time with and seeing Ken's presentation re-enforced that. As always great ideas also came from the "hallway" sessions. One such discussion lead to finding the implementation in Drupal. This too will be a very handy tool in the toolbox.

A lot was packed into this one-day camp. It would have been great to have a little more 'hallway' time between sessions but there were some great opportunities to swap ideas after the sessions were over.