April 2004

Wireless blues

Glenn Fleishman has a good article about wireless networking in PC World. In the article he suggests how to boost your network's reliability and tells why many problems occur.

It should not be a surprise that an article in PC World is largely focused on PCs and it does spend a great deal of time on the woes of setting up wireless networking on Windows. However it does have good tips and some ideas for users of other platforms as well.

This article follows on several days of wireless problems for one of my clients. Their connection with their Charter Pipeline cable modem has been pretty rock solid since December. For the period between December and April 21 they always had the same IP and things worked swimmingly. Just as they left on a trip the trouble started. Upon their return on April 27 a new address was assigned. On the 28th the connection was dropped again but with a reset of the modem they again got the new address. All of these had been in the same subnet. Then yesterday at about noon Pacific, the network changed to a different Class A network. No longer is it a 66.215 but its now a 24.205

Firing on all cylinders

National Public Radio's Morning Edition with Bob Edwards was firing on all cylinders this morning. We've come to expect a great deal of good in-depth reporting and this morning there were several good stories about topics ranging from the trend towards working for yourself to proposed spyware legislation.

StorageTek continues spiral

StorageTek is unleashing trapped profitability once again. What that means for employees is that they will be without jobs. It's a simple methodology that has been practiced for several years by the ex-Xerox Mafia at StorageTek. When times are tough cut your way to profitability. Maybe someday the realization that there isn't any fat left and that having already cut any scraps of meat off the bone that sawing, grinding feeling is cutting through the bones. There are many great people who are, or once were at what was

Talk about electability

Interesting... I haven't seen any comment from Mike Miles about this poll. Maybe it does too good a job of squashing the idea that Salazar isn't as electable as Miles? I'm sure Miles long ago quit reading anything I have to say, and would write it off as something to do with state party leadership. However, I've never been a leader in the state party. I'm one of the "common people" who according to the Miles propaganda machine support his position. There are those of us who, although just common folk, are more concerned with


It's amazing that the Bush campaign is attacking the wartime record of Senator Kerry. A group of people who did everything they could to avoid serving their country on the front lines and who have the military so ill prepared for deployment that according to CNN "U.S. troops [are] buying own armor for Iraq duty., want to debate whether a soldier, injured in battle, was injured badly enough for a purple heart.

It's about formatting

WPvsWORD.com has an article about differences between WordPerfect and Word. According to their assessment it boils down to Word is Object‑Oriented, WordPerfect is Stream-Formatted. They go on to show how stream formatting can be easier (if that is what you are used to). The WordPerfect vs. Word debate is to the legal community what the PC vs. Macintosh debate is to many others.

Delays mount at McCarran

Upon arriving home at McCarran airport this morning the flight crew had a not-so-welcome piece of news. Travelers are being told to be at the airport at least three hours prior to their flights when leaving Las Vegas. The FAA'sLas Vegas McCarran International Airport shows the current status and the lines didn't look too bad. The security line for the "D" gates looked like it might take 30-45 minutes. When I left on Thursday afternoon it took about 20 minutes to go from the parking garage to the gate (with a pre-printed b

Doing it on yur own

Matt Raible has an interesting discussion going about the differences in full time vs. contract work. Having just started a full time job that I love I can say that the grass can be as green on the other side. Matt has done excellent work and it is a large part of the reason he's so successful as a contractor. It depends, too, on what kind of work one wants to do. When I set out to look for the job I have now I had specific goal of being in the geographic region and my first choice was to move back into the academic arena.