February 2005

Just say no to counter-offers

Kevin Shockey says companies should say no to counter-offers. His premise goes double for employees leaving a company. I was with a company once that encouraged me to go get offers and they would match them. Not surprisingly I got offers and resigned, declining the counter-offers.

Best Oscars yet

Chris Rock was the greatest host of the Oscars. Truth be told part of the reason he was so good was how much of he show I watched. Roughly 0%. Nada. The wonderful thing is realizing that I also didn't miss a thing. With the write ups on blogs and the countless retellings that are bound to be included in the news this week I'll be treated to much more than I'd ever care to know.

Posting pictures with stories

To post pictures with a story follow this procedure:

  1. Click on the button labeled Choose File in the Attachments box near the bottom of the page
  2. Select the file you want to upload from your disk.
  3. Click "Choose" (May say OK or some other option in different web browsers). The name of the file you are about to upload should be next to the button labeled Choose File.
  4. Click on the Attach File button
  5. Compose your post and add as many additional pictures as desired using the method above. Note: No pictures are saved until your post is saved.

Your pictures will appear as attachments in a list at the bottom of your post, like the three pictures attached to this post.

Four arrested in Sandy Valley drug raid

The San Bernardino County Sun reports four people were arrested Wednesday in a raid of a weapons and drug cache. Karl Turner, 30, and Stacey Coday, 29, residents of the home on Krantz Road were arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs and stolen property. Albert Kelly, 50, and Larry Benge, 30, were also taken into custody after officers reported finding drugs in their possession.

The echo chamber

Dave Winer is concerned with openness and disclosure in the mainstream media. It is disappointing that this morning he posted a deceptive item on his site. The item quotes another source "2WW" - the two way web website. The post on the the 2WW website it is Winer's own writing. Linking to one's own writing while hinting it was said by a third party is dishonest.

This is one of the one of the dilemmas the blogging community hasn't adequately addressed. There are sites that I read regularly and respect the authors, but I don't link to as much because they don't want their name associated with their site. I have decided to use people's names when they are known. If I cannot determine the name then I will use the name of the publication in rare cases.

Winer's post makes it seem to the casual reader as though somebody else said something. The truth is Winer wrote it on another website. The post should have said "I wrote this on 2WW" or something to that effect.

Of Nobel Peace Prizes and attack submarines

At first glance it seemed a bit odd to commission an attack submarine and name it in honor of a president whose humanitarian work has been honored with a Nobel Peace Prize. This is the case with the third and most advanced Seawolf class submarine in the US Navy's fleet. With more reflection it makes sense to name a submarine for the only US President ever to be qualified in submarines. Carter graduated from the Naval Academy in 1946, serving as a commissioned officer and then as commander-in-chief while President.

Another thing to be very happy about

Today is just a great day. Earlier today a friend was showing me Google Maps. "But it doesn't work in Safari," I said. I'm now happy to be wrong. It didn't work in Safari but it does now!