More TiVo bad news

An announcement that has been coming for a while finally arrived today. The bad news is that DirecTV is making the switch from TiVo to their own brand of DVR. The good news is that there are at least a couple of more years for the DirecTV TiVo boxes. The bad news is it might cause TiVo not to enhance their TiVo/DirecTV boxes which are already lagging sell behind their second series of boxes for other customers.

Maybe Fear Factor isn't so bad after all...

Sometimes it takes a truly terrible experience to make one appreciate the mediocre. Until a few minutes ago I thought that Fear Factor ranked amongst the worst of shows on television. But the new series that the Boston Globe calls mediocre sets a new low. Wickedly Perfect has an incredible power. After just 10 minutes the prospect of lying down in the middle of Interstate 15 on a busy holiday weekend seems marvelous. At least it will mean the show will be over. My prediction -and they are so often correct this should really matter - this show will sink in the ratings faster than the XFL.

Nonfiction TV?

So here's a bit about a pet peeve of mine for a while. CourtTV bills itself as "The Investigation Channel" and purports to be a channel of non-fiction programming. One of these non-fiction programs is Psychic Detectives. It is nothing but fantasy and "The Investigation Channel" does nothing to investigate the absurd claims of these crackpots. It would be wonderful to see CourtTV really take on the mantle of being an investigative channel and pursue the likes of psychic detectives as well as countless other money grubbing crooks out there. Where to begin how about kinesiology for a place to start after debunking the psychic detectives? The really sad part is on the National Geographic channel is Seconds from Disaster which does an excellent job of doing real research into incidents and finding out what happened in those critical seconds (and minutes) before disaster.

A last NBC Olympic gripe....

In what will probably be my last gripe about the terrible job NBC did in botching the Olympics.... Where did they find the sing-song bozo for the sailing coverage. I'd love to watch some of it but getting anything meaningful from the snippets with the TV muted is next to impossible. The only thing worse is listening to NBC's commentator.

Just how stupid do they think we are?

NBC just set a new record with their announcement tonight that they'll bring the lucky viewers "uninterrupted" coverage of the men's 100 meter finals. WHAT--- You mean you're not going to show a commercial in the midst of a race that is run in less than 10 seconds? Let's see it's only a 12 hour tape delay, but you'll be so gracious to bring us 10 seconds "uninterrupted". Amazing. Thanks NBC. I take back all the things I said before about how terrible your coverage has been. Since it is a political year maybe we can vote in the BBC to replace NBC... it wouldn't be the worst constitutional amendment being proposed.


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