No PowerBook G5 for now

Apple's announcement today of new PowerBook G4's puts to end anticipation that they might release a PowerBook G5. It seems unlikely that with the new machines being released today that a PowerBook G5 will arrive any time this year. The next logical place to announce one would have been WWDC, but the new powerbooks would seem to make that a long shot.

Macintosh mini

We made the pilgrimage to the Apple Store tonight. Not quite ready to pull the trigger yet. The Macintosh mini is a thing of beauty. Slightly larger than it seems to be in the pictures, but so beautifully small all the same. Talking to the sales people at the store, they have been told that Airport and Bluetooth cards will be options that they can add at the store. No timing has been announced as to when this will happen, but it does make the option of buying one now, sans wireless networking, a more palatable option. Undoubtedly it will be more expensive down the line, but you're not in the same situation as the backlit keyboards on Powerbooks where it is a build-to-order or not-at-all situation.

iBook Computer Car

Friday Cowicide's iBook Computer Car was mentioned on Macintouch. I've tried several times to e-mail the following comment to Ric but Macintouch's e-mail system consistently rejects the email. This is disconcerting. I know their email works but how many voices are filtered out by the breakage in their system? Anyway my comment was as follows:

Cowicide's car with iBook is great. I've thought several times about doing the same kind of thing. I got a Jotto desk that mounts to the floor for the last SUV I owned. I've always harbored two concerns.

Nice pictures of the G5

I've been a bit busy lately but things are slowing down. Bill Noll has some great pictures of the new Apple Macintosh G5. Now, when will the DP machines get here?


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